The Public Schools Project was developed to assess the sexual health education being provided to students in local high schools. At https://elitewritings.com/buy-a-letter-of-recommendation.html you may even buy letter of recommendation that covers such complex topics as this. Planned Parenthood affiliates of Southern California audited the curricula of secondary high school districts to determine whether they were meeting the specifications for comprehensive sex education set forth in the California Education Code.

This website serves as a resource for parents, students, and educators interested in improving the sexual health education taught in their community.

Learn what's being taught in your school district and how you can ensure that the teens in your district are getting the information they need to be safe, make informed choices, and act responsibly.

Download the 2012 Santa Barbara, Ventura, San Luis Obispo Counties Report
Download the 2008-2009 Orange County Report

  What Works in Teen Pregnancy Prevention for Youth

Check out Dr. Robert G. LaChausse’s presentation on “What Works in Teen Pregnancy Prevention for Youth” to understand the current state of sexual education in Southland schools, ways to improve the curriculum and why it is important and cost-effective for schools to do so.

Download the Presentation